Understanding and Locating Lost Pets

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2 Jul 2013

It is never guaranteed that a lost or missing pet will be found. No animal communicator would make these types of guarantees. Why Pets Leave Their Homes or Run Away:

The Techniques I Use to Help Locate Lost Animals or Help Them Find Their Own Way Home:

I use map dowsing in combination with animal communication to assist in locating lost animals. Why Lost Animals May Not Return Home or Be Found:

One lost animal in particular told me that she would not return home because she believed that the predator (coyote) that scared her away in the first place will come back if she tries to return home.

Tips for Finding Lost or Missing Pets:

1. Post the sign around your neighborhood, at local veterinarian’s offices, at the county animal control shelter and at local animal rescue shelters.

2. Visit the local county animal control shelter and local animal rescue shelters to see if your pet is among those at the shelters. 6. Place an ad in the local newspaper about the lost animal. 7. Check ‘found’ pet ads in the local newspaper and on local shelter web sites.

3. Canvas a three-block radius around your neighborhood from your home and talk to your neighbors about your lost pet’s description. You may catch other animals as well, but you might also catch your own pet.

4. If you live near a location that your pet frequently visits (dog park, pet sitter, groomer, vet, etc.), contact the individuals who frequent those areas and ask that they keep an eye out for your pet.

Lost animals can turn up weeks, and sometimes months or years after they’ve been lost.

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